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Klip n Fresh for use on wheelie bins
Wheelie Bin
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No single-use plastics, our products can be reused or recycled

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No flies, maggots or nasty smells!

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Super strong Bags, & Spray will last up to 24 weeks

Before using Wheelie Klips and after using Wheelie Klips


There is a fresher, cleaner, better way to having a clean bin. No more jet washing your bin out and getting covered in sticky, stinky bin juice or hiring an expensive £££ cleaning company, our solution would save all this expense (£200 per year) and hassle!

before and after wheelie klips

How does it work?

P.s it's easy!
Step one

Place an open Klip Bag into the wheelie bin cavity folding it over the rim

Step two

Put one of the Klips over the side of the rim and push down hearing a click noise, this traps the Klip Bag in place

Wheelie Klip 'n' Spray
Step three

Repeat the process with the remaining Klip and place on the opposite side of the bin

Step four

Simply press the Klip ‘n’ Spray bottle to activate the zesty citrus fragrance to make your wheelie bin smell fresher, cleaner, better and help keep those pesky flies at bay.   

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Frequently asked questions

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 They will fit most 120, 180 and 240lt wheelie bins.

The Klips are made from polypropylene plastic which can be recycled.

They are this colour as this makes them more visible and stand out from the black bin.

No, they are designed to be used over and over again but at the end of their life they can be recycled.

1 x Pack of Klips is recommend.

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Checkout our informative but entertaining video it will certainly get across what our product do with the added bonus of entertaining you, for more videos please view our YouTube channel Wheelie Klips Ltd - YouTube