About Us

We are a family run business in the heart of Northamptonshire which has designed and developed several products that have not been developed ever before for the wheelie bin market!


It all started back in midsummer 2014 when I took out the small supermarket plastic bag of rubbish from the kitchen and placed in into my general waste wheelie bin at home.  I could not help in thinking oh my god it stinks! I shut the lid quickly as I could not stand the stench, at this point a fly flew out of the bin this made me suspicious.  I opened the lid once more and to my horror I could see flies actually inside the bin cavity which turned my stomach.  I thought to myself there must be a product on the market to stop this from happening after some research I found a few products so off I went to the shops to buy said products.  After trying these products for a couple of weeks still I was not impressed, one of which was a granule type of application which you just place in the bottom of the bin and it supposed to soak up all the lovely horrible juices, well this just made the bin even more dirty as the horrible juices just turned into sludge and did not do anything to combat the fly issue.


Back to researching on the Internet to find any other solution and to my amazement the only thing what I could see to try out was placing a wheelie bin liner in the bin.  After buying the wheelie bin liners from my local shop and trying to place it into the bin, I say trying as they kept on ripping as they were so very thin almost see through.  Once I managed to get it into the bin after several attempts, the liner now looked like a witch’s skirt with holes left right and centre.  I also found out that the liner was not long enough to reach to the bottom of the wheelie bin - aggghhh!  After several minutes of calming down, off I went to the kitchen to get the supermarket plastic bag full of rubbish; I lifted the wheelie bin lid and casually threw the rubbish into the bin thinking nothing of it until I saw the wheelie bin liner follow the rubbish into the bin. This was not what I wanted the liner to do which really defeated the object aggghhh!!!!


This was the point that I decided to develop and design my own products, products that would actually do what I want them to do. I came up with a concept of having a wheelie bin liner which would be long enough and strong enough to line the bin cavity. I then needed a way of holding the liner in a secure position and preventing the liner from being pulled into the bin cavity as soon as you placed rubbish into it. I started to design a clip that would hold the liner in the wheelie bin after a few attempts at drawing it on 3D CAD package; I had come up with a basic clip design. I needed to see if it would work this is when my friend came to the rescue as he had a 3D printer!!! This is great for prototyping and has enabled me to design, re-design and with some little tweak here and there get a final product. I have successfully designed a product which would hold a wheelie bin liner in the bin cavity without it sliding into the bin - yippee!


I then started to see if a thicker/stronger wheelie bin liner could be manufactured to the size that I require completely filling and overhanging the wheelie bin. This has now been achieved, this product is known as “Klip Bags” which are sold in rolls of 12, these are very heavy duty and have a thickness and grade of 50 Micron/200g. The wheelie bin liners I bought first of all that ending up looking like a witch’s skirt are only 22.5 Micron/90g much, much weaker than my specially design Klip Bags as they do not stretch and split like the 22.5 Micron/90g liners do.


Having designed, tested and prototyped the clips and wheelie bin bags now known as “Klip ‘n’ Bag” and “Klip Bags” I moved onto the challenge of trying to stop flies being attracted to the wheelie bin in the first instance. I designed two holders one top and one bottom in which a plastic bottle could be placed between these two holders. These were designed to slide into the original Klip ‘n’ Bag product to create a second product known as “Klip ‘n’ Fresh”. The bottle contains a specially designed unique fragrance that has been scientifically proven to deter flies from entering the bin cavity. The spray bottle also has a specially designed adjustable nozzle which directs the spray into the bin cavity with a manual operation so there is no need for batteries; just a simply push onto the bottle top to dispense the fragrance every time you use the bin. You can purchase refill fragrance bottles for your Klip ‘n’ Fresh which is called the “Klip ‘n’ Spray”. The Klips have been granted a UK patent. 


Our products suit most 120lt, 180lt and 240lt wheelie bins.